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​Why You need Swope & Associates for Grant Writing & Economic Development
We are highly experienced in the municipal market place, with 18 years of 
grant writing experience. 

We have significant experience in civil design and estimating, and have developed plans and profiles. We have nuts and bolts experience with water &
wastewater and transmission & distribution systems.

We have 12+ full years of college, advanced degrees, and have 30 years of  
Business College instruction experience.

We have written Grants and have provided professional services for over the past 20 years. 

As grant writers, we work closely with state, cities, towns, counties, 
communities and districts.

We know the municipal industry extremely well. We are in contact with all the key decision makers.

We have over 100 Grant Authorities in our data base for First Responder granting purposes. 

We enjoy grant writing. We are excellent writers and are very results-oriented.

We can fill-up the Conduit of Opportunity with multiple grants for your community and projects.

We provide a Weekly Status Report to you, to keep you informed of our Grant 
Writing efforts.

We work extremely well with people. We are efficient, effective and professional, at all levels. 

We have technical experience in working with civil engineers, land planners,  
surveyors, water and wastewater, transmission & distribution systems, transportation, environmental, geotechnical, electrical, mechanical, process and   control engineers, public works engineers and builder/developers.

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