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Why You Need An Engineering & Architectural Marketing & Management Consultant
Is the cost of a full-time Market Director for your firm prohibitive? Are your firm’s marketing efforts lacking direction or results? If so, you are not alone. Many economic factors prevent many engineering and architectural firms from being able to afford a full-time marketing director and marketing themselves effectively. 

An employment survey found that the average small or medium-sized engineering or architectural firm will spend approximately $65,000 to $95,000 or more per year in total expenses for a full-time, in-house marketing director to generate opportunities for future business and project contracts. These expenses include: salary, bonuses, benefits, vehicle expenses, pagers, cell phones, long distance calls, and other related employment costs.

Swope & Associates provides services comparable to those provided by an in-house, full-time marketing director, as well as all other associated services, for approximately one-third (1/3) to one-half (1/2) the monthly cost of a full time Marketing Director. Our comprehensive services provide your firm approximately 20-25 hours of actual billable time, per week, including all associated expenses in marketing your firm’s services. Swope & Associates can do all your marketing for 60 to 70% less in expense.

Swope & Associates is a full service, one-stop Management and Marketing Consulting firm. We provide several in-house critical services to most Engineering and Architectural firms. See the Engineering and Architectural Service Page for more information about our services. 

Swope & Associates is a municipal consulting firm with a distinct competitive advantage over a full-time, in-house Marketing Director; yet we keep the results the same, or better.

Swope & Associates can do the same work as a full-time Marketing Director in only 20 hours per week. In that time, we will produce the same work that most full-time Marketing Directors normally produce in 40 hours. The net result is that S/A get the same or better results for half the cost to your firm.

Swope & Associates saves Engineering and Architectural firms 40% - 60% in operational expenses. A full-time Marketing Director can cost between $65,000 and $95,000 per year in straight salary, employee benefits, and associated expenses. 

Swope & Associates is not only a Marketing and Management Consulting firm, but has been in operation for twenty years. S/A can address a wide range of full service marketing and management needs, projects and issues for our engineering clients.

The primary cost savings to Swope & Associates’ engineering clients is utilizing the ability of Swope and Associates to do what we do best, and to group all our marketing services into one marketing program.

Swope & Associates has over 40 years of experience in the engineering and architectural industry, and we thoroughly document all generated marketing contacts and services in a "Weekly Marketing Report", or a presentation to all your senior project managers to keep all concerned individuals up-to-date on our full service marketing efforts. A hard copy of the weekly marketing report is delivered or e-mailed on a weekly basis. 

Swope & Associates provides a weekly one-on-one consultation to its architectural and engineering clients in regards to our full service marketing and sales efforts on a weekly basis. In all this effort we’ll develop great growth results for you and your firm.

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