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Standard Service Agreement
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Contracting Parties:

Name: _________________________
Dr. Bruce Swope, PhD, MBA, MSCIT  
A.k.a. Swope & Associates
​3014 Prado Lane
​Colton, CA 92324
Email: bruce@swopeandassociates.com

Client (Company or Agency Name) 


Client: (Name)__________________________________________

Address: ______________________________________________


City, State, ZIP _________________________________________

Phone(s): ______________________________________________

Email(s): _______________________________________________

Termination of Contract:
There is a minimum 30 Calendar-day notice required in order to either:
  •  Terminate this Contract
  • Reduce the number of Billable Hours per Week.

Suspension of Services:

S/A reserves the right to suspend services if 2 (two) billing periods elapse without payment.

Payment for Services: 

S/A bills for 2 (two) weeks of Services at a time. 
All bills must be paid within 7 (seven) days of the Billing Date. 
If payments are received after 7 (seven) business days, S/A may charge a
Service Fee of $_________ and/or Interest at the Rate of _______% per 
month on the unpaid amount.

If payments are received late for 2 (two) consecutive Bills, then:
S/A reserves the right to suspend its services until Client Billing is Paid. 
Client must prepay billings prior to S/A resuming services.

Any Disputes or Billing Questions must be Received by S/A within 72 
(seventy-two) hours of the Billing Date.

Point of Contact for Communications Between S/A and Client:
The Signer(s) of this Contract is/are the Point(s) of Contact and Point(s) of
Control (a.k.a. POC) for all communications between S/A and Client. 
All Contract Communications are to be through the POC.
S/A must approve any changes in the POC.
POC (Client) will communicate to S/A via the designated Account 
Manager: Bruce Swope.

Dispute Resolution:
Any disputes other than billing disputes will first go to Mediation, and then to Binding Arbitration. 
Mediation and/or Arbitration shall be held in a mutually agreed upon location. 

Billing Hours: 
S/A and Client agree that the number of hours worked for Client per week shall be from ______ hours to _______hours per week. S/A and Client agree that the specifications or with any Modifications to be listed in Additional Terms below.

Billing Rates:
Client agrees to pay S/A at the rate of $___________ per hour for services rendered.
Client agrees to reimburse S/A for actual expenses incurred in the performance of this contract, as itemized in the Bill.
S/A does not work on commission or flat rate.

Additional Terms:

Questions or To Get Started: Call  909.533.4736