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Community and Municipal Project Development
Proper planning and execution of projects is important for several reasons: to maximize funding; to maximize benefit to the community and taxpayers; for political success; and for successful economic and community development, among others.

Swope & Associates can assist your municipality, city, town, county, community, special district or company in the management of the planning and execution of projects. This process starts with a Vision Session that community and civic leaders (and any other interested parties) participate in.

Swope & Associates works with these people to take their goals, ideas and projects from the concept stage to and through the Foundation Sourcing Process, to reality, managing the process every step of the way, in order to maximize chances for success. 

Contact our Office at  909.533.4736  for more information or to get started. 

Contact Us at 909.533.4736
 for More Information or to Get Started.