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Foundation Sourcing & Grant Writing Process
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​Must have the exact names of each foundation to research.

Must use specific project area search terms to query any possible foundations on.
Upon finding a foundation, all of their available documentation must be reviewed and

From the foundation’s documentation, all funding criteria must be analyzed and determined, including but not limited to:
Amounts funded
Award dates
Who to send info to
Who to speak to
Where to send info to
How to send info
Application criteria
Special considerations
Recipients funded
Submittal deadlines
Geographic areas considered
Information required to apply

From the foundation’s documentation, all out-of-bounds criteria must be analyzed and discerned, i.e., criteria that will disqualify a submittal.

Initiate contact with a potential foundation via a Letter of Interest/Inquiry (LOI) and/or a technical phone conversation.

An effective LOI must be composed, including, but not limited to, the following:
Description of project
Need for the project
Construction costs & timeline
Phased construction criteria
Ethnicities and genders of population being served
Ages and economic groups of population being served
Political and public support for project
Maps and drawings of project
The greater good of the community being served
Operational expenses
501 (C) 3 status
Ongoing maintenance and operational expenses

All communications must be thoroughly checked for accuracy and completeness before being sent out.

After the LOI is mailed, effective follow-up contacts must be made. Upon 
receiving notification of receipt of the LOI, all specific instructions given for the application process, and submittal dates must be complied with. Additional information to be compiled and submitted in the application packet to be created includes, but is not limited to:

Board of directors’ occupations and key community affiliations
Board’s anti-discrimination statement
Names and qualifications of key staff
Most recent end-of-year fiscal statements
Creating a cover letter for the foundation
Mission statement and history of requesting organization
Copy of IRS 501 (C) 3 status Letter
Listing of contributors and funding amounts
Listing of volunteer involvement and in-kind contributions
Criteria for evaluation of success of the project
Other information as requested by the specific foundation

Receipt of a notification of denial must be followed-up with an appropriate thank you and request for a debriefing.

All notifications of awards, regardless of amount, must be followed-up with an appropriate thank you and formal invitation. Ongoing communications must continue re: status of the project and monies spent, and celebrations.

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