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Dr. Bruce H. Swope, PhD, MBA, MSCIT, BSBA, ASBA
5/95 to Present: SWOPE & ASSOCIATES (Denver, CO)
          As a consultant I serve my clients primarily as a Marketing and Business Development Manager; secondarily as an Economic Development Consultant / Grant Writer, and lastly as a Corporate Trainer and Human Resource Recruiter. My 'primary focus' is in conducting investigative market research and lead generation for the attainment of business, and acting as my clients' ‘in-house’ Business Development Representative, and or Marketing Manager.
         My clients usually are Engineering firms to include: Civil Engineers, Architects, General Contractors, Urban Land Planners, Landscape Architects, Geologists, Environmental, Electrical, Mechanical, Water/Wastewater, Public Works, Transportation, Environmental & Occupational Health and Safety types as well as for a various of non-engineering type companies. For my clients, I call upon Home Builders, Land Developers, Municipalities, Public Work Agencies, General Contractors, and State and Federal agencies.
        For my clients I’ll develop business plans and marketing plans and develop a full range of marketing materials and brochures to assist in the expansion of my clients' project work. I’m very proficient in using web based media such as’ Blue Book’ and ‘I-sq-ft’, and many other analytical industry reports such as ‘The Daily Journal’, and ‘The Metro Study’ in the identification of ‘negotiated’ and ‘hard bid’ projects. I’m proficient in reading project blue prints and project specifications and I’m very skillful in doing ‘take off’ for project services from engineering plans. I’m very proficient in conducting Go/No-Go’ analysis for project proposals.
       I spend considerable time in the area of conducting in-depth investigative market research via the telephone and in person. Often time’s extensive market research is conducted via the Internet. I also attend face-to-face client meetings and produce a comprehensive "Weekly Marketing Reports". I generate other technical writings such as introductory and follow-up letters, company brochures, and develop my clients "SOQ's" and also process vendor applications. I have established a comprehensive’ primary and secondary database’ for client lead generation. I have conducted numerous specialized research project’s, having culminated into project work. If requested, I will travel extensively & attend conventions.
        Secondarily, I serve as an Economic Development & Grant Writer Consultant, I work very closely with various governmental agencies, such as cities, counties and towns. I work directly with the various county commissioner and city & town counsels on all aspects of economic development. Economic development encompasses the identification of new industries and companies and employer opportunities to various communities. The development of simple and detailed printed materials must be generated for solicitation purposes.
         Extensive time and effort goes into grant writing for funding sources. Extensive time is spent in the attainment of low interest loans with municipal lenders, as well as corporation donations. A lot of business mgt., financial mgt., economic mgt., and land development mgt. is required in this area of Economic Development. I work closely with all levels of governmental leaders, from Commissioners, Counsels, State Senators, State Representatives, to the Governor and all other governmental agency leaders. I’m an excellent communicator, both verbally and in writing. I’m an expert in getting in contact with the ‘primary decision makers’ and ‘gate keepers’ in the control position for awarded projects.
        Through all of my academic and professional consultant experiences, I have developed a very skillful organizational and operations management background. I’m very capable of managing large and medium-sized companies. I have extensive hands-on experience in management, marketing and sales management.
1/85 to Present: (As an Adjunct College Professor, or on a part time basis)
* THE UNIVERSITY OF COLORADO AT DENVER (employed for three years)
* COLLEGE AMERICA, DENVER CAMPUS (employed for three years)
* JOHNSON AND WALES UNIVERSITY (employed for two years)
* REGIS UNIVERSITY (employed for two years)
As of 5/2013) I’ve taught over 500 college courses; subjects to the right..
1/89 to 5/93: THE KEITH COMPANIES (Riverside, CA)
Engineering Marketing Manager: Entailed the procurement of business in the private & public sectors for civil engineering, planning, surveying, architecture, landscape-architecture, transportation, and public works. Conducted investigative market research for new and existing markets to include the California Department of Transportation (Caltrans). Developed company brochures and other written forms of publication. Worked closely with metro cities, counties, the state, and numerous regional builder/developers. Proficient in the land development process. Conducted public presentations and in-house marketing training. My emphasis was in the environmental and the transportation areas of development. I spent years working with Builders and Developer and their projects.
6/83 to 1/89: WESTERN LAND PROFILES (Moreno Valley, CA)
Engineering Planner & Project Manager: Entailed land development related duties such as: research and preparation of comprehensive feasibility studies for commercial and residential projects. Constructed cash flows for projects. Prepared comprehensive cost estimates for residential and commercial projects. Proficient with the Sub-Division Map Act. Skillful in the annexation process through the Tentative and Final Map process. Responsible for the project management and administration of each project. Attended City Council and County Commissioner meetings to present support material for approval on developments and environmental issues. As a Project Manager, Worked closely with sub-consulted engineers and a wide variety of engineering firms.
6/81 to 6/83: WESTERN TECHNICAL SERVICES (Colorado Springs, CO)
Engineering Technical Recruiter: Personnel recruiting for multiple engineering type of disciplines. Conducted personnel placements within the following categories: civil, architectural, landscape architectural, electrical, mechanical, electronic, industrial, water/wastewater, water resources, geological, geotechnical, environmental, land planning, land surveying, transportation, and public works. Recruited for engineers, technicians, designers, drafters and CAD operators. Proficient in personnel mgt., salary & benefit admin., EEOC, OSHA & A/A.
10/78 to 6/81: TRANSAMERICA TITLE (Denver, CO)
County Manager: Involved in general management, business administration, sales and marketing administration, sales training, title examinations, title abstracts, escrow closing, policy and commitment preparations, title plant postings, document recordings, and personnel administration. Proficient in real estate practices, real estate law, legal descriptions & legal documents. Proficient with land development procedures and public presentations. Worked closely with attorneys, engineers, architects, land planners, land surveyors, home builders, land developers a host of engineering firms and architectural firms and real estate agents for title insurance and escrow services.
10/73 to 10/78: DENVER WATER DEPARTMENT (Denver, CO)
Engineering - Water Sales Representative: (2 1/2 years); and Design Draftsman and Construction Estimator: (2 1/2 years): Initially progressed as a construction and design estimator in Design & Distribution Engineering. Designed over 600 plan and profile water systems and produced the corresponding construction estimates. Promoted to the Water Sales Department and was then assigned to the marketing & coordination for newly proposed water main systems as submitted by Denver metro water districts including their engineers, urban planners, home builders, land developers, and investors which then processed their submittals for the design and final implementation into the Denver Water Department's transmission and distribution system. This position required extensive plan checking and an understanding of engineering regulations. I processed submitted plans throughout the engineering department, acting as a project manager in the processing of engineering plans through the DWD.


Adjunct College Professor- Johnson and Wales University, Denver Campus:
School of Arts and Sciences: Macro-Economics and Micro-Economics. School of Business: Business Management and Marketing Courses.

Adjunct College Professor-University of Denver & University College:
Instruct upper division classes for the Management and Marketing degree programs. Instruct Management and Marketing courses at the Daniels College of Business and several graduate level classes in the MBA program, also at the Daniels College of Business.

Adjunct College Professor-Regis University:
Instruct undergraduates in the School of Marketing and Management, primarily teaching Accounting, Marketing and Management type classes at the junior and senior level, as well as MBA.

Adjunct College Professor-Colorado Technical University in Denver:
Instructed: Accounting, Marketing, Management, Finance, Macro-Economics, Micro-Economics, Organizational Behavior, Introduction to Business, Business Law, Advertising, Salesmanship, Production and Operations Management, Environmental Management, Project Management, Human Resources Management, Management Strategies, and a variety of Criminal Justice courses. 

Adjunct College Professor-Colorado State University, Fort Collins:
Instruct undergraduates in the School of Marketing and Management, primarily teaching marketing and management-type classes at the junior and senior level.

Adjunct College Professor-Metropolitan State College, School of Business:
Instructed various type of courses in the School of Business, in the Department of Management & the Dept. of Marketing, primarily Management & Marketing courses.

Adjunct College Professor – University of Colorado at Denver:
Instructed: Business Administration, Management, Marketing, and Macro and Micro Economics courses.

Adjunct College Professor at College America, Denver Campus:
Instructed: Accounting classes and Managerial Accounting, Business Administration, Management, Marketing, Macro and Micro-Economics, Finance, Advertising , Salesmanship, Environmental Management, and General Education classes.


PhD: Doctorate of Business Management, Colorado Technical University, Denver, CO
MBA: Master of Business Administration, Regis University, Denver, CO
MSCIT: Master of Science in Computer Information Technology, Regis University, Denver, CO
BSBA: Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration, Regis University, Denver, CO
ASBA: Associate of Science Degree in Business Administration, Regis University, Denver, CO