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Grant Project Areas for Municipalities & Districts
Swope & Associates has incorporated 15 years of grant information in our proprietary Data Base, which is categorized into 18 general areas of Grants for cities, towns, counties and districts who frequently seek municipal-type improvements to their communities. 

Swope & Associates has worked with over 700 Grant Authorities and 100 First Responder Grant Authorities.

Our database is focused on 18 comprehensive areas of grant writing:

1.     New Structures: city halls, libraries, facility maintenance garages, fire 
        & police facilities.

2.     Equipment and Facility Projects: trucks, tractors, movable equipment & 
        heavy equipment. 

3.     Restoration and Revitalization Projects: Main Street store front 
        improvement projects.

4.    Historic Restoration Projects: historic buildings and exterior facilities, and 
       store fronts.  

5.    First Responders Equipment & Projects: equipment & training needs for 
       1st responders.

6.    Water and Wastewater, Transmission and Distribution Systems, and  
       Public Works-type projects.

7.    Transportation Projects: roads, bridges, highways, medians, shuttles, 
       light-rail etc. 

8.    Sports and Recreation Projects: open space parks, swimming pools,    
       sport parks, walking & bike trails. 

9.    New Business Projects: industrial centers, auto parks, retail centers,
       community centers.

10.  Aviation Projects: aviation parks, air cargo centers, air industrial parks 
       and centers.

11.   Educational Projects: K-12 schools, educational facilities, training needs 
        and equipment.

12.   Medical Facilities & Projects: hospitals, emergency-care centers, medical 
        equipment & facilities.

13.   Park and Recreation Facilities & Projects: city parks, playgrounds, picnic 
        grounds, etc.

14.   Environmental and Water Quality Projects: studies & analysis for clean
        water facilities.

15.   Senior Citizen Facilities and Projects: housing facilities and structures for 
        the elderly.

16.   Economic Development Projects: programs and funding to promote 
        business communities.

17.   Social Projects and Facilities: events, activities and structures for social 
        quality of life.

18.   Child Care Facilities and Projects: structures, facilities, programs and 
        child assistance.

Grant writing is part Science and part Art. It takes an excellent Grant Writer to accurately convey to a Grant Authority the ‘Who’, the ‘What’, the ‘When’, the ‘Where’, the ‘Why’, and the ‘How’ of a community project or equipment request. 

Not all grant writers are effective, because their writing skills and abilities are limited, or they do not completely communicate all the necessary information to the granting authority; hence a denial or a lesser amount of money is awarded. Asking for FREE money from a granting authority needs to be handled very carefully, and we always need to be thankful in our attitudes back to the granting authority, as this is extremely important for current or future awards and responses.

Knowing who to apply to for a grant is as important as to the submittal process itself. We research all grant authorities and communicate thoroughly with the grant authority before submitting our request to insure that there is not a huge waste of time of them, for us or for our client. The ‘Investigative Process’ in applying for and receiving grants is extremely important.

Please consider our grant writing experience & data base depth in working with your agency. 

For more information on our grant writing process, click on the foundation research link.

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