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12 Services Swope & Associates provides for our Engineering & Architectural Clients
1.    We work 20-25 hours a week but deliver full-time results.

2.    We analyze the marketplace to determine exactly who is best to
       get business from.

3.    We make contacts with new customers and leverage business

4.   We provide you a weekly comprehensive Marketing Report, 
       outlining all of our marketing results.

5.   We conduct a weekly marketing debriefing with you, to                        develop and strategize marketing efforts. 

6.   We provide a Contact Summary Report at the end of each 
      month, as to our results.

7.   We develop an e-mail Marketing Letter and send it out to future

8.   We develop a comprehensive Marketing Plan for you and your

9.   We do extensive new contacts and follow-up customer 
      contacts for you.

10. We provide a detailed 2-week billing statement as to our 
       expenses and our comprehensive billing to you.

11. We attend meetings, conventions and trade shows, and when    
      asked, represent your firm.

12. We provide you with comprehensive management & marketing 
      advice and planning strategies.

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