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Welcome to Swope & Associates
Swope & Associates is a consulting firm that offers 3 types of specialized services: Engineering & Architectural Marketing & Management Services; Grant Writing Services for municipalities & districts; and Economic Development Services for cities, towns and communities in Northern Los Angeles; Colorado; and the Rocky Mountain Region. We have been in business since 1993, and utilize state-of-the-art technology to conduct business nationwide. We are located in CA's  Inland Empire, and  Westminster, CO. 

We provide comprehensive Marketing & Management Services for architectural; civil; electrical; environmental; facilities; mechanical; and water & wastewater engineering clients. 

We function as your Marketing Manager for 1/2 of the time and for less than 1/3 of the cost of a full-time, permanent marketing employee. 

We seed the marketplace with information about your firm's services, developing relationships, bringing RFPs to you, and setting meetings for you and your potential customers. You write the proposals to seal the deals. 

We also provide Grant Writing Services for municipalities and districts. We work with you to define the projects and programs to seek grant funding for. We analyze our comprehensive database for funding opportunities from corporations and foundations, as well as state and federal government grant-awarding entities. 

We work with you to complete Common Grant Applications & specialized government applications, such as GOCO; DOLA; FEMA; Etc.

We manage the entire process, from research to completing applications; from tracking responses and keeping council up-to-date; to acknowledging donors. 

We provide Full-Service Economic Development for cities, towns and communities. We conduct a Vision Session and move forward, creating marketing materials and developing strategies to meet your economic development goals. 

Last, we provide website development services to improve municipal and district transparency, and for companies to increase their internet presence.
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